Thank you for thinking of me to document your newborn photos. In this guide you will find more info on what sessions with me look like, as well as tips that have been helpful to clients for their sessions.

No holding back- this session is all inclusive, meaning you receive all the best images from your session deemed acceptable by my review (40+ images).

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As a mom, I understand that photos can be stressful, but I'm here to remind you that they don’t have to be. These sessions include a mix of relaxed portraits with my storytelling approach which allows moments to unfold naturally; and though I may give slight direction I encourage natural interactions to tell your story with simplicity + honesty.

As a tip, in home sessions are great when you have something to do. Prior to your session, think about things like games you like to play, books you like to read, things you like to do together (jenga or play dough, anyone?), or something as simple as making coffee or tea, and sitting at the table or on the couch while we all (myself included) swoon over your new babe.

I promise, it's that easy.

Q + A

When do we actually have our session?

Babies have their own schedule, and because of that we don't nail down a date until the birth. We use your due date as the estimate to get you in my calendar, and then the session will be scheduled for 7-10 days after birth (though I have photographed babes up to seven weeks old before). Sessions begin around 10:30am as that's when most homes have the best light, on weekdays or weekends.

How long is a newborn session?

Expect me to be there for about 90 minutes. I account for taking as many breaks as baby needs to settle, sometimes feeding twice- sometimes not needing to feed at all. Once baby is nice and sleepy we can generally run through my workflow quite easily. Please don't stress if your baby decides not to sleep, I am still there to document your connection with your brand new babe!

Where do we shoot?

Your living room, nursery, and primary bedroom are common shooting areas. Since I don't bring any lighting equipment, it's important to keep those blinds wide open for natural light.

What should we wear?

Photo sessions are an event and should be dressed as such. Ensure it’s an outfit you’ve worn before and you know it's comfortable- a dress, jeans with a dressy top and cozy cardigan or a cozy oversized knit sweater, etc. Siblings can wear a dress, leggings, jeans or khakis with a neutral tee or dressier sweater, and men might simply wear jeans and a black top or of course dress that up as well. I suggest to stay away from any clothing with too many patterns or large, bright logos as they tend to be very distracting, with bare feet as it looks most natural in a home setting. Please remember to remove things like fitness watches, scrunches, etc. if you do not want them in your images.

Neutrals and cream tones do photograph best, and you can compliment outfits by pulling different shades of a colour for different articles of clothing on family members. Keep in mind that if everyone wears the same very dark shades, you will all blend together and we want to try avoid that.

For your baby I recommend a neutral onesie, sleeper or pants without feet (think earthy tones- forest green, mauve, tan, cream etc. or plain white). Although they're cute, bulky outfits don't photograph well. Full sleepers are great, but I'm gonna wanna get at those toes ;) My favorite places for minimalist baby clothing are H&M, Old Navy, Gap, Baby and Beyond, and Carters, just for some suggestions. Small nylon headbands with bows will leave minimal marks on the little girl babes.

Can't decide on an outfit? No problem! Leave babe in a clean diaper and I have plenty of wraps to keep them warm. I'm available for wardrobe consultations if you find it hard to make a decision!

What about my older kids?

I’ve got tricks up my sleeve for the camera shy sibling. Remember, it’s not about looking at the camera, it’s about your connection with your family. Engage the sibling with the baby by counting toes or asking to show you where baby’s nose is. Book reading and gentle tickles are favourite activities. Talking to young toddlers about what I’ll be doing before I arrive is also helpful to them. It’s also important to allow your littles time to open up to me and allow a stranger in their space; it may be very intimidating to have someone new be near them. They will most likely tune in and out of the session- that's completely fine.

What do I need to do to get my home ready for photos?

I only recommend removing distractions or anything you don't want in your photos (think tissue boxes, pump parts, hair ties), especially from nightstands. I don't need you to have a spotless home- you live there and you just had a baby. Life is crazy. Sometimes I need to move a coffee table- I promise I'll put it back. Any sort of music playing from Radio/ TV/ Bluetooth etc. might help relax you and your family, it's nice to have something to listen to while we work together!

Try having babe fed 15 minutes before I arrive. A full tummy paired with bumping up the heat in your home by a degree keep the baby warm and comfortable (remember to keep your clothing layers light). A bath for babe before I arrive is also great stimulation, which might help them doze off when the session starts.

Let me know about any heirlooms or items you'd like to incorporate (blanket, teddy, birth stat plaque), and have them nearby when your session starts.

Does the weather affect our session?

The only weather I truly dislike is rain- it completely takes away our sunlight and most homes are left incredibly dark. Since I work best with natural light to keep the tones consistent in my work, I may consider rescheduling if it ends up raining the morning of your session (but you will hear from me!).

When will my photos be ready?

I aim to have galleries out within two weeks. This may vary depending on the season.

I hope you've found the information in this guide helpful in preparing for your session, and remember that you can always contact me with any questions you have.

View my Instagram page here to get to know a little more about me, what I'm up to, or view recent work + availability updates.

I look forward to working with you very soon!