Thank you for thinking of me to document your next session of family photographs.

In this guide you will find more info on what sessions with me look like, as well as tips that have been helpful to clients for their sessions.


If it’s intimate and candid you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place. Everything in between the last few weeks before your newborns arrival, the quiet moments swaying the baby, getting those deep belly laughs from your little one- bring all of that to our session.

// How I shoot

As a mom, I understand that photos can be stressful, but I'm here to remind you that they don’t have to be. The centre focus of my sessions is to tell your story with simplicity and honesty.  My objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures, but to capture the genuine interactions within your family. The best moments always happen organically, so rather than always looking at the camera (though we do aim for a small amount of those as well!) I strongly encourage you not to look at me, Instead, I encourage a lot of movement with each other to bring out those natural reactions and capture those candids we all love. If you're unsure what to do- think about what you do at home. Do you give piggy back rides? Does dad lay on the floor so the kids can tackle him? Do you have a habit of playing with your daughter's hair? Those are the things that add to your story. Get close + cozy to someone. Touch them, nuzzle them, kiss them, make someone laugh. That's where the fun is.

For my families with littles, this often includes allowing your kids to dance, bouncing them, and a lot of tickles. What little one doesn’t like to be bounced around on mamas hips or dads shoulders? It’s also important to allow your littles time to open up to me and allow a stranger in their space, especially after the last few years we’ve had. It may be very intimidating to have someone be near them, so make sure to embrace them, because those comforting moments will also make for some beautiful documented moments.

For my families outside of the toddler stage, I have a pocket full of prompts and directions to still get interactive with you! Asking engaging questions helps me get to know you, but also brings out those natural reactions. Something as simple as asking which sibling has the messiest room can create a gateway for me to document your family. Just wait and see!


// What to bring

My sessions typically don’t involve props, I encourage any heirlooms or special items you’d like to incorporate, please just let me know ahead of time.

If you have very tiny littles, quick dry snacks like fruit snacks, goldfish or anything of the like (no chocolate :) ) may always come in handy. We will only be together for a short time, but they have proven helpful in the past!

// Studio Newborns

I bring a small selection of neutral linens and wraps to keep babe cozy and compliment the studio settings. I suggest to dress babe in a simple sleeper or easily removable outfit if you plan to change them at the studio. Some parents find this a better option so there isn't spit up or blow outs from the drive in. As always, bring a "just in case" outfit, extra diapers, wipes, and formula if you aren't breastfeeding.

For the session I recommend a neutral onesie, sleeper or pants without feet (think earthy tones- forest green, mauve, tan, cream etc. or plain white). Although they're cute, bulky outfits don't photograph well. Full sleepers are great, but I'm gonna wanna get at those toes ;) My favorite places for minimalist baby clothing are H&M, Old Navy, Gap, Baby and Beyond, and Carters, just for some suggestions. Small nylon headbands with bows will leave minimal marks on the little girl babes.

Can't decide on an outfit? No problem! Leave babe in a clean diaper and I have plenty of wraps to keep them warmed still get at all those details. I'm available for wardrobe consultations if you find it hard to make a decision!

// Studio Maternity

Most sessions allow time for one outfit change if you'd like to add some bare belly images to your gallery. We can also incorporate florals, an ultrasound photo, a onesie or some books for a few ideas.

// Mini Sessions

These sessions are booked with a vey small buffer in-between time slots. It's best to come prepared for your session without the need for wardrobe changes, and if possible, to arrive a few minutes early. Any session that arrives late runs the risk of losing time in their session because we cannot extend the rental.

// What to wear

Photo sessions are an event and should be dressed as such. Ensure it’s an outfit you’ve worn before and you know it's comfortable- a dress, jeans with a dressy top and cardigan or a cozy, oversized chunky knit sweater, etc. Siblings can wear a dress, jeans or khakis with a neutral tee or dressier sweater, and men might simply wear jeans and a neutral top or of course dress that up as well. I suggest to stay away from any clothing with too many patterns or large, bright logos as they tend to be very distracting.

Neutrals and earth tones photograph great, because they compliment skin tones. You can enhance outfits by pulling different shades of a colour for different articles of clothing on family members. Keep in mind that if everyone wears the same very dark shades, you will all blend together and we want to try avoid that.

Instead of dressing the family in the same colours, opt for different pops of colour for the season to compliment one another. Pick one colour from one outfit to work into an outfit for another family member- have a look through some of the images on my website galleries, or you can always feel free to send me any outfit ideas you have if you'd like my feedback!

When it comes to indoor sessions, I strongly suggest plain black or white socks without logos, or barefoot as it looks most natural indoors. Any shoes worn MUST be kept clean beforehand. If your session is at a rental, these studios do charge a cleaning fee if the studio is left in an untidy condition.

Please remember to remove things like phones, wallets, fitness watches, scrunches, etc. if you do not want them in your images.


Optional to add to your session- Includes a 1-2 minute video of your session put together with licensed music (sound from the session will not be recorded). My priority of focus will always be images for your gallery first, and I will collect video through the session where I can. It’s important to note that images and video may or may not directly copy/ overlap each other in scenes from your session (not every video clip will be available as an image, and vice versa). Keep in mind that videos are more real + raw, and things like wrinkles in clothing, tan lines, items in backgrounds etc. cannot be removed in photoshop the way they can in images.

My goal is to leave you with a beautiful, emotive and irreplaceable video of your family loving on your new babe. You have up until the session day to decide if you would like to include the video. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Cake Smashes

Cake smashes are ADORABLE, and I'm so excited that you vibe with my minimalist style for these.

Here are my tips to make it run smoothly:

  • try let babe have a taste of /play with a small cupcake beforehand. I understand how we avoid such high sugar content during baby's first year- so this is completely new to them and they make not actually enjoy consuming it if they haven't been introduced before the session.
  • My recommended cake colours are white/ cream, light blue or light green, light pink or purple, etc. The more "quiet" tones over the bolder tones to complement the session style.
  • Fondant does not smash well. Its components are to maintain structure and it really does not get messy or break in a "fun" way, if that's your hope for the session.
  • If you have stored the cake in the fridge, try remember to bring it out at least an hour or two before the session so it has time to soften up.
  • Consider an outfit for babe that you don't mind getting messy/ stained if you have coloured icing

As always, you can contact me with any questions!

Behind the scenes

You are absolutely welcome to take a few photos or videos of whatever is going on during your session- please just make sure it is behind where I might be shooting so it doesn't directly affect the scene I'm working in.

I hope you've found the information in this guide helpful in preparing for your session, and remember that you can always contact me with any questions you have.

View my Instagram page here to get to know a little more about me, what I'm up to, or view recent work + availability updates.

I look forward to working with you very soon!